Sunday, May 07, 2006

Honoring my Father and Mother

I've come to realize lately how very wise my parents are, and that I'll never, ever be that wise. Sure, I've had more education than they have, but they're a thousand times wiser than I'll ever be. They got that way by having two kids when they were little more than kids themselves, and then pulling out all the stops to see that those kids (unappreciative little brats that they might have been) had everything they needed to reach adulthood in relatively good shape.

They did it by putting aside some of their own dreams and learning how to achieve the others within their very tight budget. They canned their own vegetables and learned how to stretch the grocery budget by using meat as an accompaniment. They passed clothes around among the extended family. They wished for a larger house, so my dad built an addition onto our house on Dardon Avenue using a floorplan he drew on a sheet of notebook paper. With wood scavenged from buildings friends were tearing down, he built a huge den and laundry room, bigger than the living room, dining room and kitchen combined. Years later, he repeated this success in building my grandmother a one-bedroom loft apartment attached to my parents' house. He did let an architect look over the drawing, and he hired out more of the work, but the accomplishment is the same in my eyes.

My mom's wise, too. She worked for a group of pediatricians for 25 years, and she amazes me with her knowledge of health issues. Plus, she understands health insurance and can get an insurance claim straightened out in a matter of minutes. Add to that her ability to squeeze two-week vacations to Florida for four out of a one-salary household income, her astonishing ability to play piano by ear alone, and her unfailing calm in any sort of crisis, and it's easy to see why I think she's a pretty nifty woman.

I have it far too easy to become as wise as they are now. They made sure of that. They also made sure that I have not lived a single day of my life without knowing I was loved. Every. Single. Day. Not many people can say that, and I'm so blessed that I can.

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